Packing light

With ten days to go we thought we should probably have a go at squeezing all our items into our shiny, new, specially purchased Osprey Farpoint backpacks.

We bought these online from Surfdome in the UK as we couldn’t find them in NZ, or not in any colour apart from a weird dark orange anyway! I have the 40L while Kelly has the larger-than-strictly-carry-on size of 55L, but fingers crossed his 6’9″ frame means that it looks essentially the same size as mine once we’re lugging them around.. because I’m counting on that extra 15L for sneaking in some travel must haves! (I’m looking at you adorable pink mini hair straighteners).

Anyway, you’ll be pleased to know that the packing trial was a success – at least size wise. I’m too scared to weigh them, but the game plan of pretending they are as light of feathers is bound to be the ticket to our success..stay tuned to see if it pays off!



A snap of a few of the things stuffed into my bag.. #alwayswantedtodoaflatlaypic


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