Counting down the days..

With the last day of work firmly in sight, the online shopping packages of travel essentials slowly starting to ebb, it is slowly dawning on us that in only a short few weeks we will be donning our backpacks and setting of on the adventure!

You should perhaps know by now that we are intending to do this all with carry-on luggage only – potentially a hard ask from someone who recently went on a (slightly) long weekend to Queenstown on a carry-on only “trial run” and possibly had to fly home with several items squeezed into a fellow travellers bag.. (and who also introduced this post with reference to her online shopping purchases!)

But the bags have been purchased, the commitment has been made, and with advice from our good friends and mentors at we are sure that we can do it! And hey, it was winter in Queenstown – summer clothes weigh half as much, right?!

So as the rain pours on a cold and miserable Hamilton, I will be busy ticking off lists of things needing to be organised, appointments to be made, things to be packed, things to be booked, and all the while, counting down the days!





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